Privacy by Design

24 juni 2016

This aid is not a blue print on how to deal with personal data within Smart Mobility projects. The aid offers, by means of a systematic approach and examples, insight in the legal framework around the protection of personal data. It illustrates the necessity to apply Privacy by Design on all data protection sensitive services. Privacy by Design is a design approach and not so much a concrete practice or technology. A company, an organisation or a project team employs Privacy by Design when data protection is incorporated in the earliest designs of the service and when this attention is being maintained throughout the entire life cycle of the service. This method combines both technology and the way the organisation of the service provider is being designed. Privacy by design should be applied when:

  1. Deciding on the necessary (personal) data set;
  2. Functionally designing the service;
  3. Designing the information architecture;
  4. Designing the IT;
  5. Designing the organisation;
  6. Designing the legal context and possible cooperation.

In short, when a Smart Mobility service that may involve personal data is developed the first question to put will be: are personal data well protected?