Smart Mobility in the Netherlands

10 oktober 2016

Film about Dutch Smart Mobility approach at ITS World Congress in Melbourne

The Dutch roads are overloaded and traffic congestion is increasing. In collaboration we are searching for solutions to improve traffic flow, reduce the number of traffic accidents and reduce emission of CO2. The Netherlands has always been the country with smart solutions: inventions such as dikes and polders helped us facing major challenges. Nowadays our knowledge and expertise are internationally recognized. We are used to take leading position and change the world. And we are doing it again, this time in the field of mobility: we are thé country to test Smart Mobility solutions in real life setting. The Netherlands is frontrunner in Smart Mobility.

We aim to globally share our knowledge and experience with Smart Mobility and we invite international parties to use our unique testing facilities. After all, mobility is a cross-border matter. From the 10th untill the 14th of October 2016, ITS professionals from around the world are gathering at the ITS World Congress in Melbourne. The Netherlands is represented at this congress by Connekt ITS Netherlands and various congress participants from knowledge institutes, market parties and governmental bodies. Also, we are visible through this film, amongst others, in which experts from public and private sector explain the Dutch Smart Mobility approach. This film is following up on the magazine we published earlier this year, which is also distributed in Melbourne.