Overview European Connection 2017V1.0

10 January 2017

C-ITS deployment in the Netherlands.
Architecture & Interoperability Table for Dutch C-ITS
version 1.0

This report is an update of the report, “C-ITS DEPLOYMENT IN THE NETHERLANDS” realized by
TNO and MAPtm, commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat WVL in 2014. All parts have been updated but not
all at full extend. They are only updated when this could have influence on any decision related to
European cooperation. It includes an updated roadmap and additional element which are of relevance
to decision making about to what European activities and organisations how to be connected to with
the objective of realizing conformity and interoperability for ITS and Automation services envisioned to
be deployed in the Netherlands.
The focus of this report is to support ITS including C-ITS and Automation use cases generically with
an Hybrid Communication objective in mind. As the basis of this document is formed by the driving use
case roadmap, aspects related to automation use cases are touched only lightly. The roadmap does
not include aspects such as Tunnel Safety, Smart-Tachograph and Urban-Rail, items as ITS related
could be considered in further discussions as they are considered as part of the ITS domain.
This report provides an overview of the use cases, the functional relevant interfaces and other aspects
of interest (security) of interest to align with others in Europe. It also provides an overview of the
European projects and relevant standardisation activities and those Dutch organisations active at
them. Discussions with relevant Dutch stakeholders have led to the recognition of interfaces for which
it maybe relevant to realize interoperability. It has not yet been possible to agree which protocols,
beside ITS-G5 and related specifications, to bring to the European playing field and further align with
other organisations and projects in Europe. It is proposed to discuss further what and how to align at
the DITCM table and directly to the main Dutch Projects.
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Dutch use cases and roadmap; the main
European projects (we have excluded the Dutch projects as they have been assumed being known
and reported by other DITCM reports); an overview of the European forums; relevant ITS standards;
the identified Interfaces of interest in the ITS architecture and related aspects and the participation of
Dutch organisations within ITS standardisation.
It describes the aspects and reasoning behind conformity and interoperability and provides a general
view on European alignment aspects with the purpose of reaching European interoperability or
business opportunities.
This report is a result of the cooperation and information sharing at the DITCM Architecture and
Interoperability table and is realized by the related writing team.